Since 2001, EMB has been collecting, enriching and refining hundreds of millions of data to optimize your BtoB and BtoC sales actions.

  • 2001creation date
  • more than 150 customers
  • more than10country where the data
    are available
  • more than10000data created
    per day
  • 2016 date of recovery by a French
    investment fund

Our team

Photo Stéphane Griguer

Stéphane Griguer

General manager

"Choose EMB is to trust a team of specialists, which has been proven for more than 15 years."

Since our creation in 2001, we are a team of specialists, who has constantly enriched his talents and thinks only of his mission. It is also choosing a structure on a human scale, which allows us to be extremely responsive and dedicated to our customers.

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Photo Sylvain Maury

Sylvain Maury

Sales manager

"We build tailor-made responses, according to the needs of each of our clients"

"What matters today in the data market is to have the most qualitative databases possible."
Sylvain Maury, evokes the offers proposed by EMB.

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Photo Lorena Cirstea

Lorena Cirstea

Assistant sales manager

"Accompany our clients from the beginning to the end of their marketing campaigns"

Lorena Cirstea, Deputy Sales Manager, tells us about her day-to-day job.

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Photo Steeve Daraize

Steeve Daraize

Technical Director and Director of Data

"Our know-how lies in the use of all the components of the data"

For Steeve Daraize the real challenge of "Big Data" is to be able to restore quality in a large volume of data.

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Photo Stéphane Griguer

Stéphane Griguer

General manager

"Helping our foreign clients to conquer markets in Europe"

Stéphane Griguer explains how the solutions proposed by EMB enable companies, which do not have subsidiaries abroad, to find new areas for development in the European markets.

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Silhouette Franck Gouraud

Franck Gouraud

Data Manager

"More than Big Data, we produce smart data"

How to identify and manage the data that meets the needs of EMB customers? How to format this data to meet the highest quality criteria?
Franck Gouraud, Data Manager at EMB, talks about his day-to-day work.

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Photo Claudio Ciarrocchi

Claudio Ciarrocchi

Data Developer

"Ensuring data consistency and permanent accessibility to our databases"

How to guarantee both the availability and the quality of the data present in EMB databases?
Response items with Claudio Ciarrocchi, Data Developer.

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Silhouette Maarten Kuiper

Maarten Kuiper

In charge of Benelux / UK

"Whatever the market, EMB knows how to adapt to the specific needs of its customers"

With its data offers available in several languages, adaptable to the specific needs of each client, EMB supports several clients in foreign markets. Maarten Kuiper, in charge of the Benelux and the United Kingdom, tells us more about these subjects.

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