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Photo de Marco Carducci

Marco Carducci
Director of Alliances and Business

"We share with EMB strong and essential values: seriousness, commitment to quality and traceability"

Director of Alliances and Business at Data Company, Marco Carducci discusses the business links and partnerships with EMB.

Photo de Adrien Vanzieleghem

Adrien Vanzieleghem
Business Intelligence Manager

"EMB, a partner who listens to us"

Adrien Vanzieleghem has been Business Intelligence Manager for 2 years at Telenet, a telecom operator active in the landline and web in Flanders and Brussels, and mobile throughout Belgium.
It explains why and how EMB services facilitate the B2B marketing operations carried out by Telenet teams.

Photo de Loïc Bresler

Loïc Bresler
Founding President

"With relevant data, it is possible to send legitimate email campaigns corresponding to the expectations of Internet users"

Why is the relevance of data one of the components that promotes the deliverability of emailing campaigns?
Loïc Bresler, Founding President of Ediware, a routing company that publishes an email marketing platform, sheds light on this subject.

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